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Toll Violations

On June 2007 the state of Florida enhanced failure to pay a required toll from a nonmoving violation to a moving violation with hefty consequences. Admitting guilt to a toll violation will mean you you’re required to face stressful penalties including a civil penalty of $100 or more dollars, three points added to your license as well as a possible suspension if you have accumulated enough points to warrant one in the last three years. 

If you or someone you know has been ticked unfairly for a toll violation, then we urge you to fight the citation by retaining experienced legal counsel. You can get your penalties minimized or even avoid them altogether with the help of an experienced traffic attorney. An attorney can argue about the functionality of the device and whether you as an account owner to a SunPass account even received an update about a violation.

Traffic Ticket Attorney for Toll Violations in West Palm Beach, FL

Toll violations may not seem serious at the time, but subsequent violations can add up. If you accumulate enough points from your infractions, then you could be automatically labeled as a habitual traffic offender and have your license suspended as a result. That is why you should fight back every unjust traffic ticket with appropriate counsel. 

At [firm], our attorneys are equipped to represent clients ticketed with all sorts of traffic violations. Our focus in traffic tickets give us the edge that gets results. Learn more about our representation and how to avoid the penalties of a citation by calling our office at [phone]. [firm] accepts clients throughout the greater Palm Beach County, Martin County, St. Lucie County, and Broward County, Florida.

Overview of Toll Violations in FL

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What are the Penalties for Not Paying a Toll in Florida?

Florida instated tolls as a way to tax citizens who use public freeways. To stop violations, Florida’s SunPass Violations Enforcement System was created to pursue any person intentionally avoiding the tolls. Failure to do so will result in administrative penalties as established under Florida Statute Section 316.1001. These penalties include: 

  • A civil penalty of $100 or more;
  • 3 points assessed to your driver’s license;
  • Suspension of your vehicle registration; and
  • Possible suspension of your license 

Most toll violations aren’t considered a “big deal” since it’s not a criminal violation. However, traffic points can add up, especially in regards to toll violations. If you have enough points added to your license, then Florida’s Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles will suspend your license for a period. You will also be required to attend driving improvement school as a condition for reinstating your license.

A suspended license derived from traffic points may also mean higher insurance rates. Your insurer may change your status to “safe driver” to “at-risk driver,” which means much more expensive premiums in the future.

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Are the SunPass Tolls Accurate in Florida?

Since tolls are electronic now there’s a large debate in Florida on whether these SunPass machines are accurate enough to identify violators. This is because the SunPass tolls aren’t always accurate and can sometimes incorrectly process information, which results in your receiving a citation. 

It’s been found that many SunPass units are malfunctioning and haven’t been maintained correctly. They may be issuing violations as a defect and now an innocent person has to pay the price. Certain windshield and winshield wipers will affect a person’s SunPass transponder. Meaning the SunPass reader will be unable to scan and that person will end up with a ticket even if they paid the toll. 

Many aren’t even aware that the citation is in their mailbox at all because the information the machine uses to send you your citation may be incorrect. It’s been found that the SunPass system will often kepe the wrong information such as address or license plate number for some clients. This can cause a person to not even be aware they have a toll violation because they never receive the unpaid toll notice in their mailbox.

The best way to fight a toll violation is having someone on your side who has studied how these tolls work. An attorney experienced in toll violation cases has a thorough understanding of the faults found in SunPass readers. They can utilize this knowledge in your case to structure a strong defense against your ticket. 

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Additional Resources

Toll by Plate Information – Visit the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles site to learn more about toll-by-plate process, how to look up your plate, and what happens if you don’t pay your toll within the allotted time period.

Florida’s Toll Laws – Visit the official website to learn more about the Florida’s toll violation laws under their Statute 316.1001. Access the legislation to learn the legal process of sending someone a toll violation ticket, penalties for not paying the toll and other relevant information. 

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Defense Lawyer for Toll Violations in Palm Beach County, FL

Did you receive a toll violation notice? Or, did you never receive one and now you are being fined for not paying your toll on-time? If so, then we implore you to get in touch with the traffic ticket attorneys at [firm]. Our criminal defense lawyers have been contesting unjustified tickets for years. We can utilize our knowledge for your case.

[firm] has clients throughout the greater Palm Beach County, Martin County, Broward County and even St. Lucie County area. Call us at [phone] and we will set up your first appointment. There we can discuss how you can move forward to fight this ticket and avoid the stressful penalties that are associated with it.

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